Family Offices

Lean on our years of experience meeting family needs for fund administration, investment tracking, accounting, and performance reporting.

Partner with a team that you can trust

At Strata, your dedicated team provides your family office with a consistent point of contact for all of your needs.

Thanks to Strata’s low employee turnover, clients enjoy an efficient relationship with the same team year after year. This results in a continuity of process and a knowledge base built around your family office for years to come.

Fund Administration

Partner with your own Strata team to receive best-in-class service, customized solutions, and actionable insights that can take your back office operations to the next level.


Alternative Data Management

Strata provides the systems and personnel to receive, analyze, and organize your feedback loops, keeping you informed and in control of your operational data.


Tax Services

Successfully navigate the complexities of the tax code, avoid regulatory pitfalls, and manage tax filings and returns with the CPAs and Enrolled Agents at Strata.


Shadow Administration

Whether you discover errors in administrative output or want to ensure accuracy through backup reviews, our services will give you confidence in your accounting.


“Strata brings a wealth of experience to the partnership and adds a level of oversight and transparency that we, and our clients, value.”

Carie McNeil, Partner | Taylor Derrick Capital

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