The new look and feel of Strata

Doing it our own way

At Strata, we think we have something special. We value our strong client relationships and, with industry-low employee turnover, we’ve built a healthy corporate culture that supports everyone in doing their best work.

As a leadership team, we think it is important to preserve and expand the things that make Strata unique. We’ve spent the past 6 months refining those insights so we can express our values with clarity and conviction. One part of that effort is a fresh new brand that’s vivid and expresses our particular point of view in our industry.

A new look, the same Strata

We’re excited to unveil a redesigned brand for Strata, one that captures the energy and care that we bring to our work. Along with a new logo, visual identity, and website, you’ll be seeing improved branded materials throughout the coming months. It’s all part of our efforts to move the business and our team forward into the future.

Here’s to many more years of successful partnership!

The Strata Team